Composted mind

Jana Fröberg has spent this spring with Kultivator,
working out compost and cultivation plans. She has studied art as well as gardening.

jana froberg

In a close collaboration between human and microorganisms, materials can slowly be processed into something very valuable. Human only have to create the right conditions, and so specific microbes will show up to do what they’re best at. According to what you set up, a pot of sauerkraut may be produced, or else you stand there, just waiting for compost to happen.

Compost derives from the same word as composition, meaning it’s a pleasant and beautiful mix of materials such as carbon and nitrogen, waste and manure as well as of life and death. No one seems to know where the borderline goes between these two opposites. Maybe simultaneously to the decomposition happening, new humus is built up. Anyhow this humus is of fundamental importance to all life on earth. It’s where it starts, and where it ends.



compost map

Composts can be constructed in many different ways. 
At the time of my arrival to Dyestad,
all earlier composts lay well hidden under a thick layer of snow.
So it stayed for many weeks, and so I stayed inside
dreaming about the different compost types that could possibly fit into the area. 



composts plan

Lövkompost –Leaf compost
Förkompostering –Pre composting tombola
Färdig limpa –Open compost
Som en del av växtföljden –Compost as part of crop rotation
Stallgödselkompost –Horse manure compost
Allmänning/kompostplats –Common land / composting space
Maskkompost –Worm compost
Isolerad behållare –Isolated bin
18-dagars compost –18-days compost
Upphöjd kompost–I kombination med varmbänk –Compost in combination to a heated cultivation bench