Barn Party












Cows Art and  rock 'n' roll.

A building site is something that would engage our surrounding (and ourselves) and give direct opportunity for exchange of knowledge. People would come and say;" no, dont do it like that, or use this material, etc…
 This happened, and via this also a lot of help, that we got from the farm and others in the village, that drove more than 20 hours digging machine and moved more than 200 tons of soil. In exchange of all this time and effort, we promised to make a barn party after, with a special band and to invite the american car club. Which meant that after the M12 project, we worked with our interns, friends and visiting artists on cleaning the barn, building furniture and outdoor toilets, setting up a bar, etc, to make the barnfest possible. In the end of it all, together with trash performance of artist in residence Ernest Truely, the party paid back what we got from the village, and a successfull project was round.