Geophagia. Cake and debate with Sweden´s minister of culture



the deliberate consumption of earth, soil, or clay

All the concepts of geophagia—as psychiatric disorder, culturally sanctioned practice or sequel to famine—fall short of a satisfying explanation (…) Might it be an atavistic mode of behaviour, formerly invaluable when minerals and trace elements were scarce? Its re-emergence might then be triggered by events such as famine, cultural change or psychiatric disease (…) 
A. Woywodt, Medical history of Geophagia.
For world art day 2015, and the debate on art as subject in school, Kultivator serves the cake Geophagia, made of one of the at the same time shittiest and most precious materials there is.
We´re looking forward to a pleasant time with nutritious trace elements, and a discussion on how we create the best conditions for young people, and with them the rest of society, to grow.
curated by Pontus Raud