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Glocal guide is an ongoing Kultivator project.
Sustainability using open source / information approaches: in art and grassroots culture, ecology, architecture and environmental design
Sustainability using Open source approaches on eco tourism and local community awareness.
Linking The right of public access to nature (part of the swedish constitution, giving rights to anyone to roam the wild) with the rights and possibilities of public access to information and history.

We present our recent Project ”Glocalguide”, that links contemporary open source structures for information sharing to an ancient common walking path.

From the village commonland, next to Kultivators ground, leads a path through the forest to an ancient ruin fortress, dated to somewhere around 200 b.c.

The path has historically been used for bringing cattle out to graze in the forest, and for people from now abandoned villages in the forest to go to school, church or the market. Much of the flora and fauna along the path is rare and unique for swedish nature, due to the long history of use by man and grazing animals. The fortress ruin the path leads to, has never been fully excaveted and no all over accepted explanation over its function exists, leaving plenty of room for popular beliefs and tales over.

Information and knowledge about the flora and fauna, historical facts and speculations are highly interesting and plentiful, but hard to get hold on for a visitor, or the younger generation living here.

The project intended to set a structure, both analogue and digital, for sharing this information, and build on an open source guide for this specific route, that will be owned by everybody and nobody, mimmicking the common use of as well the forest as of the path with communal respect and cooperation. In our presentation we will give a short resume over this work, and show examples of the strategies we have used to engage different cathegories of people to contribute.