Guerilla composting, Feed-back Belgrade

Belgrade Artfair

On the stone planet Earth, a layer has been added since the beginning of life, 3.9 billion years ago: our  between 5 and 20 cm thick layer of top-soil. 
In this thin layer, the major part of all biological activity of Earth is going on.
Through our various actions  we are either nourishing or depleting this layer.
Adding to this cultural layer might be the most sensible action we will ever perform.









Worm campain office is an installation that promotes and serves guerilla composting in Belgrade. People are invited to join us and make their own compost tower to take out and install somewhere where they think it is good to feed back some nutrition to the soil. Guerilla composting is the 11:th of the “Post revolutionary exercises”, suggestions of how to prepare for a new order, made in collaboration with middle east artgroups in 2011. The whole serie of screenprinted posters reflect works from visiting artist and our group from now back to 2006. 

Dubica at Kultivator

Kultivator in Dubica