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Presentation at The Campo Adentro International Conference

campo adentro:

The conference lasted for five days (from October 20 to 24, closure day) during which there was an exchange of experiences and points of view with the aim of strengthening and cross-linking networks working on the relationship between culture, territory and society.

200 participants, 35 experts and speakers, and 5 institutions took part in the 5-day conference.

It provided a space for reflection and transmission of information: the status of the rural question, recent theoretical research on art and landscape and the practice of contemporary artistic interventions in relation to the rural… by incorporating different disciplines such as rural sociology, social psychology, eco-design, demography, agricultural policy theory, etc. We will also have the testimonies of people from the countryside, as valuable as any other well-established knowledge. The presentations will be expanded through round-table meetings to encourage public participation, as well as specific working groups. The target audience will be diverse but with a common interest in exploring this new area of thought and action: artists and art students, cultural agents, curators and art critics, professors of various disciplines, rural sociologists, rural development workers, politicians, etc.
The Campo Adentro International Conference was organized in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, where it took place for the most part. At the same time, various activities took place in other venues at different cultural institutions around the city. You can find more detailed information in the program, downloadable in pdf.

To download the program in PDF, click here

To download the biographies of the speakers go to the Mediateca