Lunch with cows

Lunch with cows
28th August in Tammenpää milk farm
in western coast of Finland.
The framework of the event is 
Halikonlahti Green Art -project,
an initiative of artist and curator
Tuula Nikulainen and Sunny Future association.
The exhibition, called Food Chains,
will be opened at Salo Art Museum
next Friday, 9th September.
It is curated by Tuula Nikulainen
and Ulla Taipale. More information
about the exhibition here.

Sami Perttilä, AndreaVanuchhi

Since almost ten thousand years now, we live very close to each other, and has indeed affected each others lives and beings a great deal. Our relation has been practical and very close physical, but we have not yet really grown into exchanging a lot of thoughts, or even trying to meet at an intellectual level. This informal lunch meeting intends to be a small start of a more mature and interesting way of being together. We have no prepared speakers, no translators or list of topics that must be discussed, but! Questions about our future relation, and sustainable survival may come up!





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