New horse cultures, study circle

horse study kult smA study circle is a small group of people who meet multiple times to discuss an issue. Study circles may be formed to discuss anything from politics to religion to hobbies. They are differentiated from clubs by their focus on exploring an issue or topic rather than on activities or socializing. When they emerged in the early twentieth century they were based on a democratic approach to self-education and were often linked to social movements concerned with temperance or working class emancipation. 

The studyforum, that is a part of Konstfrämjandet Öland-Kalmars project "New horse cultures" has started! The project investigates the horse, as well in integration work as in feminist studies of power and ethnicity.  Participants of the study circle are refugee woman, with an interest for, or knowledge of horses. In the study circle of New horse cultures, we will discuss leadership, communication and social interaction connected to horse keeping. The study forum will invite special guests from different horse professions, as farrier, vet, trainer, and researcher in social sciences. We will also work with artist Signe Johannessen. Issues to discuss will be both practical and poetic aspects of being with horses, departing from the experts input and the participants own experience and future vision.

The circle will run from early May until August, and the group will combine practical riding, grooming and socializing with the horses with reading, drawing and discussing. The results and documentation of the circle work will be presented to the public in August in the form of an installation and performance with the horses.

Photos by Alireza Teimori