Ölands souvenir 2007

Ölands Souvenir 2007

– for memory) is an object a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it. Souvenirs include clothing such as T-shirts or hats, and household items such as mugs and bowls, ashtrays, egg timers, spoons and notepads. They may be marked to indicate their origin: “A Souvenir from Clacton-on-Sea”.
In Japan, souvenirs are known as meibutsu (products associated with a particular region); and omiyage, candies or other edibles to be shared with co-workers. Omiyage sales are big business at Japanese tourist sites.

On the island Öland, where Kultivator is situated, lives approximately 20.000 people all year round, and over one million tourists visits the island in the summer.
The tourist industry is crucial for the economy of the island. One important income for year round Ölanders is the purchase of inexpensive, small thing for tourists to buy; what we call souvenirs. In the exhibition/contest Ölands souvenir 2007, we made an open call for items that would make good souvenirs. People could send in totally new concepts for souvenirs, or just send in a product they already had for sale.
In the exhibition, we are also showing background stories from the maker for each piece, like selling arguments, but here often more personal and/or informastive.
In the regular case, you would choose your favourite souvenir by selecting what to buy. In this exhibition you can vote for the best one by putting a note in a box.
In the autumn, at the harvestfeast of the island, which is the last big tourist attraction before the island ”closes” for winter, we will count the votes and a winner will be named.