Soil site plan

Fittja Pavilion, 14th Venice Architecture Biennale.

pressThe Soil site plan for residencys in Fittja and Redhill is a sketch made by art and farming collective Kultivator, visualizing a future infrastructure of small independent but connected residencys situated in respective community. The residencys will be formed by each community according to its needs and to its abilities, and explore the potentials of small-scale, grass root exchange of ideas, culture and experiences. The bricks constituting the material of this sketch are pressed by hand of fine garden soil, being a sustainable drawing /model that is meant to dissolve into the garden, and add to the fertile layer of the place, just as the residencys will later in their places. In some of the bricks, the seeds for growing the ingredients of the two versions of Dolma from Open restaurant are put, and will eventually help dissolving the brick by breaking through it. Similar to the Fukoka idea of spreading seedballs to start growth, the soil site plan imagines a system for small units that fertilizes and gives new life to the places and communitys they are established in.

Fittja Pavilion Venice

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