Urban chicken coop

Fittja Open 
Sep 22 –  Oct 21, 2012
Botkyrka konsthall


Kultivator for Fittja Open; Top soil take two
Nurturing the soil; gardens – cafe – gardens – cafe…etc


Some composting plans from Kultivator
For the café/restaurant at the residency, we would like to install two compost systems:   One in form of a chicken coop, that will transform leftover food from the cafe into egg and manure. Leftover food can be thrown in by the guests themselves, in the special opening at the front, (1)The eggs are picked in the box (2) and the manure, (most of it) can be collected from the box (3). The manure should be brought down to the allotment gardens, to fertilize the same soil that the vegetables once grew in. We might mark that somehow by a sign “destination gardens” or some simple illustration.
The second is a raised bed growing curly kale or kitchen kale (its not green cabbage, I think its called curly kale or kitchen kale..)  with incorporated in it containers for compost. This compost works with the same principle as the wormtowers, and will let worms transport the nutrition right out to where the vegetables grow, see drawing. In this compost things that chicken does not really like, like potato peel, coffe, fruit peel, teabags, etc could be put, thus more directly from the kitchen.
The chickencoop will stand for two weeks in Sept- Oct, and could after this possibly be donated to for example the allotment gardens, or another group/community if there is interest. Of course this is only an option if there is someone who really wants and knows how to take care of the animals.
The raised bed could be a nice piece remaining close to the house, for those who wants to keep on putting kitchen waste in it. The curly kale will grow on, even under snow (!) The soil around the compost containers insulates the containers,  and makes it possible for the composting process to go on also when its cold.