Table of plenty

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Agora, Berlin

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is a project that consists of a series of artistic events and an educational programme that approaches the current issues related to climate change, rejecting alarmism and mirroring all aspects of it on the Earth's landscape. 

For its first edition in 2015, Everything Under the Sun gathers artists and specialists in Agora in Berlin in order to investigate ways of discussing and reflect upon this topic. 

Table of Plenty: a collaborative cooking, sharing and eating event. 

As part of the alternative education programme Everything Under The Sun, twelve practitioners created a diverse discourse within food and art. The week with the Kultivator, an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice, these participants  organised a dinner for newcomers/refugees in Berlin.
This meal, initiated as part of the EUTS programme, is intended as a template for future community events at Agora. Vegetables were sourced on a donation basis from local contributors and the food was prepared collaboratively. 
The making and sharing of food in this program provides a platform for cross cultural and cross disciplinary work.
Cooking started at 4, eating started at 8.

Programme Curated by: Ece Pazarbasi and Caique Tizzi




People making spaces

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18-21 September 2015 – Yaroslavl, Russia.

Organized by the team «TEXTIL» and TYP Kulturkapital.

An international conference with the design sessions with the participation of Russian and European experts in the field of culture and urban development.
The key question of the project «People Making Spaces»: whether an independent cultural center in the Russian city become a real force behind the social values ​​of urban development, engaging citizens and creating a significant artistic product?

The focus of the conference – the project «TEXTIL» Yaroslavl. Experience of project review in the present context, familiarity with the team and stakeholders, as well as the universal nature of the problems of design sessions will make a useful part in the conference for each participant, regardless of whether it is connected with the project «TEXTIL» and Yaroslavl or not.

Conference Objectives

Develop scenarios for the project "TEXTIL" in Yaroslavl. 
Suggest models, methods and examples of projects within the perspective of design sessions. The exchange of ideas and experience in the Russian and European context.




Feeding the backyard

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Feeding the backyard, people and creatures.

Kultivator and students at ANA, May 2015

Kultivator and a group of students from Ölands folkhögskola enter the atelier and backyard of Astrid Noack, Norrebro, Copenhagen. During one week, they activate the place with installations and reflections of the history, the present, and the possible future of the compound. All material used is edible, and found in the local supermarkets and markets in the neighbourhood. The work is presented for the public in the form of a dinner party in the backyard on Saturday the 16;th of May. The dinner guests are picked up from around the area with horse and carriage. The horses are also invited to join the meal, as guests of honor, with special sculptural dishes made for them.