Kultivator bio 
Kultivator was founded in 2005 by the artists Mathieu Vrijman and Malin Lindmark Vrijman and the farmers Maria Lindmark och Henric Stigeborn. Member since 2007 is also Marlene Lindmark. Kultivator initiate and execute projects, exhibitions and workshops that explores possible alternative narratives within art and farming, with the members or/and invited guests and the public. At site on Öland, Sweden, Kultivator has a residency, exhibition space and a dairy farm with 30 cows + chicken, ducks, sheep and horses. Since the start in 2005, approximately 80 artists, researchers and farmers has visited and worked on the premises.
Selected works 2005 – 2012

2005 ”Dinner with Cows” Filmproduction with support of Swedish filminstitute, Dyestad, SE.
2006 ”Building common land” Collaboration with Ölands folkhögskola Design students rebuilding village commonland, Dyestad, SE.
The right of public access” workshop in rights of public access to nature for immigrants, Dyestad, SE.
2007 “Earthworks 2007” Land art of now, 13 artists from 7 different countries producing works at Kultivators Dyestad, SE.
Ölands souvenir” competition and exhibition of a new souvenir for the Island, Dyestad, SE.
2008 ”Right to farm the Land, right to use the Land” Land distributed to Iraqi and Somali refugees, in collaboration with Plan 3 and public Globality Gardens, Kristiansstad, SE.
2009 “Guerilla Gardening” with Mykorrhitza network, Malmö, SE.
Glocalguide” Interactive guide to ancient walkingpath, Ismantorp – Dyestad, SE.
2010 “The Wedding between Art and Agriculture”, International conference  Dyestad, SE.
Herbologies and Foraging Networks”, Mapping herbal knowledge in rural Latvia, Aizputen, LV.
2011 “CampPost revolutionary exercises with middle east artgroups, Århus DK, – Dyestad, SE
M.A.R.I.N” Mapping the Baltic sea residency, Dyestad, SE
2012 “Timebanking” Astrid Noacks Atelier, Norrebro, Köpenhamn, DK
Dyestad – Dubica” Exchange between villages Sweden, Serbia
2013 “Friend farm” connection between rural Tanzania and Sweden TAN-SE,
“Grans University”, Collaboration with M12, US. Byers, Colorado – Dyestad, US-SE,
”Ny ork Porsgrunn”, guerilla compost action Porsgrunn kunsthall, NO
2014 “Township kids cityplanning” by invitation from Botkyrka konsthall and Cape town city planning office, Cape town, SA

2006 ”Allotment” Cirkulationscentralen Malmö. SE.
"Partake, ruminations on art and the culture of food," San Francisco, US.
2007 “Supermodel” Gallery W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2008 “Vision in motion, Motion in vision” Verbeke foundation, Antwerpen, BE.
“In-Site”, Sculptors guild, New York, US.
2009 ”Land, art at the Wilhelmina Polder”. Dutch foundation SKOR, Zeeland, NL.
Cowdown, Seed up!” Eu agriculture ministers meeting installation Växjö Konsthall. Växjö, SE.
2010 “Banns of Marriage” Kalmar konstmuseum, Kalmar, SE.
2011 “Ditch it” National Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, UK.
Radical artpractises” Group exhibition, Gallery 21, Malmö, SE
Alt_CPH” Copenhagen alternative artfair, Copenhagen, DK
Imagine farm” Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, DK
Lunch with cows” Halikonlahti Green art trilogy, Salo, FIN
2012 “Crosscultural Nomadic coffe cheese”, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, NO
Gnestopia” Artlab Gnesta, SE
Gran´s University” Cirkulationscentralen, Malmö, SE
Top soil” Odla! Den blå Planeten, Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, SE
“Utopiska projekt” Ölands museum, Himmelsberga, SE
Hungry City” Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE
Fittja Open” Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, SE
Belgrade artfair” Culturni centra Beograd, SER
“Cartographies of hope” Dox center for contemporary art, Prague, CZ
2013 “Friend farm discussion” Supermarket artfair, Stockholm, SE
“Elders Hill” Kalmar konstmuseum, SE
“YAK-YAK” National gallery, Swanhill, AUS
2014 ”Land reform” Gislaved Konsthall, Gislaved, SE

Lectures, Symposia:
2006 ”Mapping the Creative rural economy” Lancaster University, By British art council and rural arts foundation Littoral. Lancaster, UK.
2007 ”JUICE 9, on food, fuel and design” By Doors of perception, New Delhi, IN.
2008  ”Kultivars” Beyond Land Art; and artists’ cultivation projects. Cylinders Estate, UK.
The Groeneveld Forum”. strategy for a meaningful countryside. Baarn, NL.
Open Sauces”. Synaesthetic dinner over the future of food. By Foam, Brussels, BE.
2009 “Renewable energy” By SERDE, Aizpute, LV.
Organized Networks” By RIXC, Riga, LV.
2010 “Pixelache” Kiasma museum of modern art, Helsingfors, FIN.
Goings on” 98 weeks project room, Beirut, LEB
Campo Adentro” Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid, ES.
2011 "Mat och Klimat", Riksutställningar" Visby, SE
2012 “Visionary arctic” Kirkenes, NO
“Arttalks” Tranås, SE
“Remote residencys network” Nida artcolony, LV
“Farmers in residence” Astrid Noacks atelier, Copenhagen, DK
“Present futures”, Academy of fine arts, Helsinki, FIN
2013 ”Urban horse soil action” Seminar ANA atelier, Copenhagen, DE
”Context in flux” Riksutställningar, Visby, SE

Schoolprojects and projects with students:
2006 ”Building common land” with Ölands folkhögskola Design students rebuilding village commonland, Dyestad, SE.
Cabins”  with Ölands folkhögskola students Dyestad, SE
Mobile Chickenhouse”  with Ölands folkhögskola Design students, Dyestad, SE
2008 "Chickencoop for school",  with Ölands folkhögskola students Skogsby, SE
"Up cycled Dinner tables", Workshop with Capellagården students, Vickleby, SE
2009 “Glocalguide” Interactive guide to ancient walkingpath, Ismantorp – Dyestad, SE.
2011 “Imagine farm” Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, DK
2012 “Gnestopia” Artlab Gnesta, SE
2014 "2040" with Ölands folkhögskola students , Dyestad, SE.