”King Midas”


”Kitchen animals”








Land, art in the Zeeland Wilhelminapolder presents an exhibition in art station Hongersdijk focussing on man in relation to the surrounding landscape. The occasion for the exhibition is the 200th anniversary of the Royal Wilhelmina Polder Society (De KMWP). Works of art by Maartje Korstanje, Kultivator, Dirk Zoete, Eva Fiore Kovakovsky and Tue Greenfort are on show from 25 April in the Hongersdijk farmstead. Organised by SKOR and CBK Zeeland
Kultivator will make a work consisting of four parts for the Wilhelmina Polder exhibition.We look at future visions and history of the place, by exploring interfaces between people, wildlife and contemporary agriculture. The work can but does not have to be clung together, the different parts will be:
An installation, with working title ”King Midas”, is build up round and including the header of the combine harvester of the farm.
On top of the header, and above it in the air, gold coated realistic modelled sparrows and seagulls (common scavengers of the fields) will be positioned. On a distance of a few meters stand a young deer, also realistic modelled coated with gold. (Seemingly made of gold, but in fact covered with a thin gold-like coat)

“Kitchen animals” An audiovisual work combining documentary film sequences from kitchens (people making stamppot) in the Wilhelmina Dorp, with animations of wildlife

“Optional”: Possible landscapes. Visions on future and far past landscapes of the polder. Framed montages

“Packages”: An experiment in free hand drawing and use of package- and presentation material for the farms produce, foremost potatoes. The drawings/collages will be both separate and made directly onto walls and interior.